IPhone 6 exposure: again or use the embedded touch-screen technology

Recently, according to the supply chain, according to apple to consider in the next iPhone applications on embedded touch-screen technology. It has cooperation with Taiwan group, the group of the development of Touch On the Display outside embedded type (On - Cell) Touch panel sample, has landed authentication.
According to the supply chain, embedded touch panel (In - Cell), the interference will be apple iPhone 5 touch sensitivity have also been affected. So apple may want to consider in the next iPhone outside using embedded touch panel.
iPhone 6 or outside using embedded type touch panel
Relevant personage analysis, embedded touch panel compared to the embedded technical problems easier to overcome. Embedded within the TFT LCD TFT touch sensor, and outside embedded on the back of color filter. Application embedded touch panel not only make the screen more accurate response rapidly, at the same time also can better restore image color and saturation. More frivolous, and embedded touch panel production cost will reduce accordingly.
embedded touch-screen technology
Have been rumors that apple will work in group of gen before producing the iPhone 6, if apple decides to application of TOD (Touch On the Display) embedded Touch panel, will no doubt make the next iPhone has more smooth Touch experience.


Enlarge application icon iPhone6 run iOS7 exposure

Have the news that apple iPhone6 have two versions 4.7 inches and 5.44 inches, recently has been about 4.7 inch version iPhone6 news exposure. So, increase screen after the system interface will be become what kind of state? Now foreign media through the simulator shows us running version 4.7 -inch iPhone6 iOS7 what would be like.

You can see that the foreign media use as a 4.7 -inch Moto X embodiment a change, become the 4.7 inch version "iPhone6" and compares the beside iPhone5s iOS7 operation interface, of course, this is achieved through the simulator, rather than the real iPhone6. But we can find that, the interface of version 4.7 -inch iPhone6 presents application icon is magnified, of course, this also is only the conjecture of foreign media.
According to the previous message, version 4.7 -inch iPhone6 screen resolution of 1704 * 940 pixels, but this is 1136 * 640 pixels in current iPhone5s compared to the amplifier, and due to its 4.7 -inch isn't enough to more than the original one icon in the space, so the appropriate enlarge application icon (or add icon spacing, etc.) are very likely option.


How to Directly Transfer Data Between iPhone iPad iPod on Mac

Apple as a enabler of technology and fashion, its products will never lack of suitors and enthusiasts. Therefore, in many  cases, lots of users may have two and more iOS devices and a Mac at the same time, or there are so many people around you  are using iDevice, just as you. However, how to easily and safely transfer your data between your iDevices on Mac, it's  really a headachy problem, you still haven't any effective methods? Please don't worry, you are never too late to see this  useful tutorial which can completely solve your problem.

Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac is An ideal phone transfer tool for Mac users lets you transfer contacts, SMS, music, photos  and more between iPhone iPad and iPod with a click. What's more, the program compatible with iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5,  iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini, iPad with Retine display, the new iPad,  iPad 2, iPod touch 5 and so on. 

Step 1. Launch the Wondershare MobileTrans and connect both of your iDevices to Mac

First of all, Launch Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac on your Mac. Take out USB cables to connect your two devices to Mac  with USB cables. The devices can be an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, here we take transferring data from iPhone to iPad as an  example. Once recognized, both of your iPhone and iPad will show up in the window.
Transfer iPhone data to iPhone on Mac - 1

Notes: iTunes should be installed to guarantee Wondershare MobileTrans works properly. Now, Wondershare MobileTrans is  compatible with iTunes 11 and later.

Step 2. One click to transfer content from iPhone to iPad

As you see, the content you can transfer are listed in the middle, like contacts, text messages, photos, music, etc. Just  tick your wanted ones and click Start Copy. The transfer process begins. Be sure not to disconnect either device. When it’s  completed, click OK, the content will be on your destination device.
Transfer iPhone data to iPhone on Mac - 2

Notes: To ensure the successful transfer, please keep your iPhone and iPad connected during the transfer process.

In addition, you can also use the iPhone Data Assistant Mac to Trasnfer your data from iPhone to iPad on Mac. iPhone Data  Assistan Mac enables you to transfer media, contacts, photos from one Apple device to another without iTunes. If you would  like to transfer music between your iDevices, you just need to click "Media" in the left column and click "Music" to come to  the music window. Then, click the triangle under "Export to" to select to export music to your iDevice.
Transfer iPhone data to iPhone on Mac - 3

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At the same time as the iPhone and Mac user, you must be have encountered such the problem as below:
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Such as these and more!

As for many users, they choose just like you, are all single depend on iTunes, in fact, there are quite a few data cannot be transmitted through iTunes, if you only know use iTunes, clearly, step you will appear more difficult. Therefore, have you ever use the 3rd party softwares, which can effortlessly, completely and efficiently transfer your data from your iPhone iPad and iPod to Mac with a click? If not, please follow us and have a try, it will save you more time or energy.

3 Methods to Transfer iPhone Data to Mac With a Click

Method 1. Transfer your iPhone Data to Mac with iPhone Data Recovery Mac

iPhone Data Recovery for Mac is an reliable and safe tool to help recovering data from iTunes backup and iCloud backup, as well as retrieve data directly from iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C, iPod touch 4/5, and all iPad models. Including contacts, messages, photos, videos, call history, notes, whatsapp data, etc (Up to 18 kinds of data).
Step 1.Run the program and connect your device to the computer 
Step 2.Begin scan the data on your device 
Step 3.Preview and save the selected data to your Mac
recover iPhone data to PC
Method 2. Transfer your iPhone Data to Mac with iPhone Data Assistant Mac

iPhone Data Assistant Mac allows Mac users transfer music, videos and photos from iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad to iTunes Library, Mac computer, and vice versa. And manage music, playlist, videos, photos and photo albums easily
Step 1.Install the software and connect idevice to Mac
Step 2.Choose the data you want and transfer them from idevice to Mac
backup iphone to mac

Method 3. Sync your iOS Data to Mac with iTunes

To back up or restore from a backup manually:
Step 1.Connect your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad to your Mac you normally sync with.
Step 2.When your device appears in the iTunes window (below Devices), Control-click the device, and then select “Back up” to backup your data from idevice to Mac.

iPad Pro New rumors have split-screen display function summary

Although Cook denied, but the real sales data,, iPad product line really began to decline. Perhaps it is because the tablet market is saturated, low-end Android tablet may be subject to erosion, because undoubtedly complex. So, what can Apple do? Perhaps a bigger iPad, which is rumored iPad Pro.
Clearly, in addition to 7.9 inches of iPad Mini, 9.7-inch iPad Air, a larger screen, more high-end positioning of the iPad Pro sounds is also a good idea, but as usual, Apple has remained completely denied it. However, according to some new information and clues, we believe iPad Pro is not impossible, just like the original iPad Mini, iPhone upcoming big screen as only the time is ripe. Below, a look at the latest news on the iPad Pro.
Design and Screen: Larger screen sizes or with 4K

Early news that, iPad Pro will use 12.9 inches large screen; while AppleInsider latest reports, analysts believe the screen size will be 11.6 inches, consistent with the low with Macbook Air. Obviously, a larger screen means that the screen resolution is improved, in addition to 2K resolution, Apple may also launch high-end version with 4K resolution (4096 * 3072 pixels).
Operation: or with a keyboard and stylus

According to former Apple employee Jamie Ryan revealed, iPad keyboard housing projects do exist, in the form similar to Microsoft Surface keyboard cover similar. In addition, according to Apple's previous patent, Apple really intends to launch a product for the iPad Smart keyboard input to achieve better physical effects.
In addition to the keyboard, another Apple patent shows the details of the stylus, the details include a laser pointer, image scanning and other features, you can feel better writing and better operating experience, may become another selling point for the large size of iPad.
System: iOS 8 or displayed on the same screen with dual applications

Latest reports, iOS 8 may add some new dual-screen display application features to meet user multitasking operating needs. In fact, Apple's rival Samsung has 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro to achieve the same screen display features four applications, to a certain extent, had an impact on the iPad, so some improvements from the system level is essential.
In addition, rumors that Apple's eye-tracking technology showed a keen interest intends to acquire uMoove other related start-up companies, with eye-tracking feature on the iPhone 6 and iPad Pro, to achieve a more convenient operation experience.
Hardware configuration: more powerful A8 processor
There is no doubt that Apple will launch a more powerful A8 processor this year, still using the 64-bit architecture, with enhanced performance, provide even better performance for the office iPad Pro.
Published: 2014 year-end or early 2015
Including the International Business Times, Computer World and other mainstream media are on the iPad Pro release time for speculation, mainly in late 2014 to early 2015. The famous analyst Kuo Ming-Chi KGI believes that Apple will not release iPad Pro in the year 2014, the earliest in 2015. This news has been DigitTimes recognition, reports claimed that due to the eco-system is not perfect, Apple iPad Pro shelve the plan.
Seem, iPad Pro is still a bit confusing at, but I think after the WWDC 2014 and the iPhone 6 release, we will see more information, please also pay attention to our latest reports in a timely manner.


Wallet charger: make the iPhone for a second wallet artifact

People out of the most indispensable generally includes three items key, mobile phone and purse, although big purse can put these things together, but the function is not perfect. Recently appeared a multi-functional wallet, however, provide more convenience for people.

Everpurse Mini wallet is a fully functional, it is also a small portable charging treasure. Everpurse Mini provides wallet common storage function, can be placed in cash and all kinds of credit CARDS, etc. However, its biggest bright spot is the wallet outside for smartphones have set up a special plug-in area.
In that case, Everpurse Mini no matter from the appearance and function, than any on the market a wallet, mobile phone cases or charging treasure is more outstanding, because it has the function of the collection of the above three items in one body. People only need to advance to Everpurse Mini charge can worries too much. It is understood that the wallet up for the mobile phone charge three times, can basically meet the needs of users a day. It is understood that Everpurse Mini now for the iPhone only 5/5 s two charging device, the design of other platforms equipment is still in test phase.


Cool Future Wind: with handle iPhone 6 Concept Design

iPhone 6 concept design again. Designers Sahanan Yagarasa today announced he envisioned for the future iPhone concept works. Before we see the concept and design is different, this time for the iPhone name Yagarasa 6 adds a "Pro" in the name, display its "superior" professional level. Judging from the description published, Yagarasa anticipated iPhone 6 Pro is indeed worthy of its title.

Apple A8 equipped with self-developed chips, iOS 8 operating system, 16-megapixel rear camera and 3MP FaceTime camera, sensors monitor heart rate, etc. This is iPhone 6 Pro some of the main parameters and specifications. In addition, iPhone Pro also with a very magical gamepad. Although the market has a variety of compatible gamepad iOS 7, but, and this one we see today is simply weak compared to burst.
After embedding handle the iPhone, users can play games through the projector mode, this feature will be the main selling point of the iPhone Pro. If this can become a reality, a large number of games will surely shout enjoyable. Previously, we have seen a similar projection concept design, but Yagarasa projection technology and will be combined with the idea of ​​pairing the handle, then the perfect solution before the designers did not take into account the battery problem. What do you think?


iPhone6 sapphire screen or increased costs

Apple iPhone6 ​​Although the listing is expected in the third quarter, but has first heat to ignite the investment market, due to the size of enlarged plan iPhone6 ​​launch 5.5-inch product, the market came Apple intends to raise prices, each priced at $ 100 to reflect the increase in size and specifications enlarge further evolution. Since Apple sapphire material for solid pile moves frequently, if iPhone6 ​​smooth sapphire panel, will bring the outbreak of the sapphire industry growth momentum. Industry bluntly, Apple sapphire panel just a matter of time, Apple is working on testing.
Sapphire factory said that Apple has begun testing polishing sapphire panel sample of about 1 to 20,000. Manufacturers pointed out that the glass panels because Apple supply chain technology and 伯恩光 Lance iPhone6 ​​if Apple introduced the use of sapphire panel high-end models, is bound to purchase due to lack of source material on the market, sapphire plant, said the plant is very likely in Taiwan marketed indirectly into the supply chain. It is understood that Apple intends to launch a limited 10 million sapphire panel high-end models, the estimated monthly demand for materials up to 150 ~ 1,800,000 (approximately 2 inches when production capacity).

Increased costs caused by iPhone6 ​​sapphire screen?
Latest news, Jefferies analyst famous Wall Street investment bank in the latest Apple PeterMisek research report, Apple has begun negotiations with operators iPhone6 ​​will raise the price of $ 100.
PeterMisek said tracking by Apple that Apple is negotiating the price with the intention of the new machine operators, the estimated increase in the $ 100. The initial reply carriers do not agree, but this year no other revolutionary product, this price increase is expected to be very likely to be required operators license.
If the price is really $ 100, then the contract price will be $ 299 iPhone6 ​​(about 1870 yuan), bare metal price $ 749 (about 4,660 yuan), the reason As Apple prices, PeterMisek did not give the analysis. However, the manufacturers have reduced the retail price of the phone, Apple unexpectedly opposite direction, it is difficult to understand, but there are a lot of big companies have the opposite direction with anti-achievement on the world market, such as former Hewlett-Packard, Red Sequoia capital, etc., while Apple is more than the strength of these companies, I believe that such a move naturally has its reasons, but for users, it is not considered good news.

According to previous reports, Apple will be released later this year iPhone6, rumors that this phone has 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions. In addition to a larger display, iPhone6 ​​will run iOS8 systems, and the use of thinner design, equipped with Apple A8 processor, TouchID fingerprint recognition sensor, 1GB of memory to run, optical image stabilization in the camera.


iPhone 5S understand your "core": M7 coprocessor Analysis

In addition to the fingerprint identification, 64 of the A7 processor, Apple also introduced such a chip conference: M7 coprocessor. The main role of this chip, that is dedicated to monitoring the dynamic data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and other sensors, reducing CPU load, thereby extending battery life. And after the conference, Apple announced more information this M7, in addition to power, in fact, it more competent job.

With the development of smart phones, mobile phones integrate more and more sensors. If the data obtained from these sensors are to the CPU to operate, it will certainly greatly increase the load on the CPU, because these data are interactive dynamic between the CPU will certainly be very frequent, so since the power consumption will be very obvious. If a chip is designed specifically to do this job, one can liberate CPU, on the other hand can improve efficiency, but also greatly saving. Thus, M7 appeared.
Of course, Apple is certainly not the first to add specialized management sensor chip manufacturers. There is a precedent in the Android camp, such as Galaxy S4, Note 2, etc., but their different names: Sensor Hub. The principle is as much a collection of sensors will work on a co-processor chip, but not before pulling out a separate major publicity. It can be said that Apple is more clever in this regard, in the case of small innovative iPhone 5S, such a selling point for the product can add a lot of color, but also took a lot easier to remember names.
In fact, Moto X brings X8 processor systems also have the same purpose, X8 computing systems by the 1.7GHz dual-core Qualcomm Xiao S4 Pro processor, quad-core Adreno 320 GPU and two in charge of language interpretation (using Google Now, while no effect on cause too much stress life), and the correlation calculation (Management sensor) composed of Motorola processors, of which the sensor manager and the effect is similar to M7.
Apple has not announced for the iPhone 5S M7 in the end how much power can the province, but the latter's official life perspective, 1570mAh battery capacity can call 10 hours to provide 3G, LTE / Wi-Fi Internet 10 hours, 3G Internet 8 hours, 10 hours of video playback, the music playback 40 hours, standby 250 hours (both max). Is not look good?
In addition to saving to reduce the CPU load plus outside, M7 coprocessor can be applied as a fitness class offers a variety of API, so that by opening up more easily develop application software. These scenarios such as the following: When you're walking, running, driving time, M7 can be detected by the sensor your environment, such as you walk down from the car, M7 can be recalculated on the current path, and out through the application of feedback; as another example, when you sleep longer use the phone (without shutdown under), M7 signal can be sent to the CPU, lowering its frequency, and reduce network signal detection, in order to extend battery life.
Future, M7 coprocessor can do more. It is reported that Apple is testing a new map application, when users stop, M7 can detect and automatically record the location of the car, when the user returns, iPhone through the map to help users find the location of the car. And this is just one instance.
For current mobile phones, smart is no longer stronger hardware configuration, but the perception and more processing power, which is the future development trend of smart phones.


iPhone 6 running iOS 8 screenshots screen indeed greater exposure

Apple will launch in the third quarter of this year a new iPhone 6, but before WWDC conference will debut on iOS 8. For fruit powder, iPhone 6 and iOS 8 do not have to wait that long. Yesterday, an iPhone 6 8 system running iOS screenshot exposure from 5X7 icon arrangement is not difficult to see that the next generation iPhone 6 screen is indeed greater.

Weibo users zmeric exposure system a screenshot iPhone 6, the resolution of this screenshot 1600x966, 16:9 ratio of not, if the screen size is 4.7 inches, it will be close to its pixel density 400ppi, far more than the standard 300ppi retina a.

Greater size and resolution, making the iPhone 6 significantly increased the number of charts, there is increased iPhone 5S's 4X6 5X7. These icons, many of us have never seen before, such as Healthbook, Watch Utility, etc. These may be things in June's WWDC, Apple will introduce our emphasis.


Apple's new patent allows iPhone6 screen or pressing efforts to identify different

Thanks capacitive touch screen, iPad can detect all the right touch. But this can not perceive touch touch screen intensity. According to reports, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved a new touch technology Apple patent application in 2012, this patent describes a capacitive touch and a combination of infrared detector to accurately detect the intensity of the user presses the screen technology. This technology allows users without relying on complex physical hardware can accurately convey the pressure on a touch surface, so that the user interface navigation and interactive form to reach a new dimension.
According to the description of the patent document, the bottom of the touch screen system deployed in one or more infrared emitters, may touch the cover glass to the infrared light emitted at a specific angle. These angles can be selected between the cover glass on top and bottom surfaces and the surrounding air and the reflected light emitted by the finger 100% reflection. When the light reflection cover glass to get inside, it will trigger an infrared transmitter can calculate the total number of all reflections receiver, the receiver is based on whether the reflected light from the surrounding air or the user's finger to display different output readings.

Unlike other systems, Apple's patent does not require precise transfer restrictions, as long as there are differences to internal reflection. More important is the measurement of the attenuation can be emitted from the surface of the glass used to determine whether the emitted infrared rays are absorbed finger or air. In addition, Apple also mentioned the use of a fourth color OLED layer output in the infrared wavelength, and the use of ultrasound and other acoustic signal measurement FTIR.

Infrared method to determine the user touches the screen, called the infrared spectrum. IR is essentially a multi-touch optical detection method of detecting the finger touch screen reflecting infrared. When combined capacitive touch, a touch can be measured intensity. Infrared spectroscopy has been used to Microsoft's Perceptive Pixel products. Microsoft provides several large screen using infrared spectroscopy multi-touch sensing devices, and is called Microsoft Pixel Sense technology. This technique is also used in the Samsung SUR40.

As Microsoft's technology, also used in the red spectral camera to detect the pressure of light refraction, which allows people to use a device, it is possible to identify the distinction between objects and fingers.
While Apple has not yet implantable pressure sensor technology in the touch screen mobile devices, but the company in the past few years has been exploring various pressure detection technology. Have developed a pressure sensor, a pressure sensing device shell. It is unclear whether Apple will plan to the above IR technology in its future iOS devices, but will increase the force sensing element allows Apple beyond existing static gesture touch operation, upgrade to a whole new level of interaction . According to the present situation, the possibility of the patent is applied to the next generation iPhone6 ​​is not large, so the majority of users still need to be patient.


iPhone6 Display Aspect lot

Apple also recently obtained a patent, the patented technology allows the user to detect the intensity of touch on the display device used. This patent uses a called frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) techniques and the touch sensor to determine the current intensity applied to the display.
Multi-touch FTIR alternative is essentially a test. FTIR uses infrared light reflected back to determine the display case. If there is no interference, infrared light can be completed by screen reflection; If interference occurs (such as a finger on the display), the sensor will identify this touch operation to determine the location from which the display.
Interference and touched by comparing FTIR data, the technology Apple users can determine a force exerted on the display. Previously, Apple tried to estimate the intensity of their mobile devices by acceleration sensor. For example, Apple's GarageBand application which will use the acceleration sensor, the user can determine the intensity of a key on the virtual keyboard applied to adjust the volume accordingly.

This technology can be implemented in addition to "click" and "as more expressive than the makeup touch input. The patent filing in 2012, he will be able to become a new attraction iPhone6​​.


Samsung GALAXY S5 chip Secret dismantling report released

Samsung GALAXY S5 coming in the Global Offering, and how this new machine in the end there is a change in the internal structure than in the past, especially in the new fingerprinting and heart rate sensor and other functions, in the end what is special about a topic of concern to everyone . Recently, foreign professional website ChipWorks first to release the Samsung GALAXY S5 dismantling reports, and for us the machine each chip Secret information.
Core chip from Qualcomm
The dismantling of the Samsung GALAXY S5 ChipWorks Korea version SM-G900S, identical to other versions in the overall hardware specifications, but differ in the network. At the same time people are more familiar with the site iFixit disassembled different, ChipWorks more concerned with the analysis of microscopic observation chip inside the phone, so the show's content is also important to focus on the parts of the chip, and rarely involves the process of dismantling and maintenance.
According to information released ChipWorks display Samsung GALAXY S5 internal use have six large number of chips from Qualcomm, and are part of the core. Among them, most people are concerned about the processor, the machine is equipped with a 801 2.4GHz Xiaolong (MSM8974AC) processors are packaged under the memory chips, can be clearly seen in the dismantling chip models. In addition, Qualcomm Samsung GALAXY S5 also provides power management unit; packet tracing PA; radio receivers; RF transceiver and audio encoder chip. As for the phone memory and flash memory is Samsung's own K3QF2F0DA 2GB of memory and Samsung KLMBG4GEAC 32GB flash memory.

Biometric Sensor
As different approaches sensor Samsung GALAXY S5 new fingerprint recognition allegedly used from Maxim, but with iPhone 5S will be placed on the Home key fingerprint sensor, the Samsung is divided into two parts, although the fingerprint sensor is also mounted on the Home key years, but also to accept the input of the touch screen, you need to use to load the user's fingerprint ID. The course of its work is part of the touch screen can detect finger waving, and then start the Home button in the sensor-related recognition.
In addition, other exposure chips or display aircraft is equipped with Invensense MP65M P02881 L1405 six-axis gyroscope / accelerometer, and has NXP 47803 NFC chip and a security module, the same time as a Korean version of the reason, it is also built FCI FC8080 terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting tuner, which allows mobile phones to receive digital TV programs. In addition to using the power amplifier from Anwar, outside multimode, multiband power amplifier and acoustic resonator cavity, such as thin-film chips, the machine in order to obtain better sound quality is also loaded with Audience ADNC ES704 independent audio processor.

Previous Samsung GALAXY S series camera is Sony sensors are used, but this is the first time the GALAXY S5 uses its own 16 million pixel 1/2.6 "in ISOCELL CMOS sensor, known as the interference can be reduced by 30 percent, increased by 30 percent per the amount of light absorbed by the pixels, and is considered to be substituted Samsung back-illuminated (BSI) of the next sensor technology.
Notably, in the next Samsung GALAXY S5 with the LED flash is added next to the heart rate monitor, the main principle is the use of red light, infrared light irradiation your finger, the finger surface and the pulse beat detection caused by pressure change to get the user's heart rate data.


The most likely iPhone6 concept map thickness of only 6 mm

iPhone concept design Figure 6 we did not watch less, but there are few more reliable design, most of them belong to the fanciful conjecture. iPhone 6 is getting closer to us, the designers have also started to design more targeted have introduced the concept of the product. Today, this is probably going to lose the most reliable, the closest Apple's iPhone 6 design concept rendering crashed.
Conceptual design studio SET Solutions latest iPhone 6 concept design into the iPhone 5c and iPod nano design features. This figure is equipped with 4.7 inches concept 1920x1080 screen, the screen uses a sapphire glass, no frame design. Using 20nm process Quad-Core A8 64-bit processor, dual speakers, 10 million pixel camera. Size is 132.7x65.2x6.0 mm.
iPhone 6 concept renderings
iPhone 6 concept renderings

iPhone 6 concept renderings

Currently, the online messages are called iPhone 6 will have two size versions, including 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, on 8-9 March release.


1/3 of iPhone users are willing to spend more money to buy a big-screen iPhone

The latest news, market analysis agency's Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt said today in a report, in 2014 the share of Apple's smart phone in the United States will still maintain a lead. Because the survey found that for the next generation of iPhone users are still very interested. According to survey data released by McCourt, nearly half (49.7%) of smartphone users said they would choose the next iPhone as a mobile phone.

If you narrow the scope of the investigation to the iPhone user base, it is 52.3% of users said their next phone will still be iPhone. It is understood, McCourt's investigation also involves a large-screen iPhone, of which 1/3 of iPhone users said they are willing to spend $ 100 to buy. During the same period last year, when McCourt conducting the same survey, only 26% of iPhone users are willing to spend more money to buy big-screen iPhone.

Whether this year's iPhone 6 will be equipped with a larger screen size, the field is one of the hottest consumer electronics topics. In recent months, we have seen the rumors about the iPhone basically contains the "big screen" this one keyword. A few days ago, a suspected iPhone 6 protective cover photo in Japan exposure, it is for the big screen iPhone rumors increased credibility.


Taking a concept iPhone 6 exposure to handwritten character recognition

It is reported that the Ministry had previously publicly iPhone concept too animated video site Set Solution, and recently announced a iPhone6 ​​concept of animation. Movie, iPhone6 ​​the Home key into message notification center and equipped with a holographic perspective because the imaging capabilities, Taking a handwritten character recognition function and film projection display features the same exciting.

It is understood, Set Solution website recently announced the concept of animated film called "iPhone6 ​​The Dream", the movie iPhone6 ​​equipped with a holographic projector function perspective. The public's movie called "iPhone6 ​​The Future", is on a sequel.
iPhone5s equipped with fingerprint authentication function of the Home button, iPhone6 ​​embedded in a small screen, becomes a function of message notification center. Through the screen prompts and reminders LED flashes to inform the user of missed calls and e-mail messages.
Using holographic imaging capabilities perspective, you can watch movies projected. Thus, not only can use their most comfortable position for watching movies, a few people watching movies OK.
New features introduced in this concept of animation, though full of designers abstract whimsy, but if in the future there is a possibility to achieve, as long as the use of these functions is the thought of a very happy thing. These are designers from around the world in "as long as Apple, it is possible to" create such a strong desire to stimulate the production of wonderful thought. Perhaps this is one of Apple's products charm.


Apple's new patent-backed room positioning

Qiazhiyisuan, Siri launched almost two years now, Apple's Siri is always the attitude of some unhurried, competitors had caught up with the pace of Siri.

On Tuesday, Apple's new patent related to Siri completed submission. According to the patent document was described, Siri sensor applications will be able to help trace the owner of a house in which to place the room, suggesting that the location information related tasks through smart, intelligent role as stewards, Siri functionality is expected to be once again leap.

With room positioning technology, Siri will achieve anything interesting functions? Everyday life, we often encounter a situation, but forgot to go to a place to do something original. Reminder For example, when you go in front of the TV when, Siri will remind you to watch your favorite shows. When the meal back to the bedroom, Siri will remind you: the medicine of.
Compared to traditional time and alert, alert is more flexible positioning room, compared with the conventional location tracking service will be refined to the level determined location of the room, to improve the accuracy. Of course, the most important time to remind the room location information based on the information generated by the past "active" set a reminder to change into a passive way: In the past, we need to roar against the phone saying, "Now look what TV shows . "Today, Siri will take the initiative to care about you: "Do you now come to the front of the TV, XX program is not want to see it?."


iPhone6 rumors: only 5.58 mm thick clocked at 2.6GHz

According to media speculated iPhone 6 also expected over six months to be officially unveiled, some posts on Twitter have disclosed this latest version of the iPhone may have specifications, including processor speed of the device, the display details and fuselage thickness. The source has been provided, including pictures, including a variety of Apple devices unpublished details Dixon (Sonny Dickson) said, iPhone 6 will be very thin, and the processor faster than the previous generation iPhone.

According to Dixon revealed on Twitter, iPhone 6 is just 0.22 inches thickness (equivalent to approximately 5.58 mm), is also equipped with a pixel density of 389ppi of Ultra-Retina screen. Dixon said, iPhone 6 will use the A8 processor clocked at up to 2.6GHz.
"These may be the real machine specifications." Dixon also said this. But he did not specify his sources, there is no longer disclose other details of the iPhone 6.
According to reports, 389ppi iPhone 6 screen size of 4.7 inches (1920 * 1080) resolution between HD 720p (1280 * 720) to full HD 1080p. Apple had previously accurately provide some relevant news sources claimed that, iPhone 6 design inspiration from the iPhone 5c and seventh-generation iPod nano, and said the new iPhone may only 7 mm thick.

In comparison, iPhone 5s screen 4 inches, with a resolution of 1136 * 640 pixel density 326ppi, A7 processor equipped with 1.4GHz frequency and M7 motion co-processor.

And more than rumors iPhone 6 specifications up, display and processing speed iPhone 5s significantly worse part of it aside, only the thickness of the body of view, iPhone 5s of 0.30 inches (7.6 mm) is already quite thin, and if iPhone 6 really only 0.22 inches, even 6 mm not to.


U.S. Apple user benefits: free viewing on airplanes

Apple users have to get a new privilege. According to the website PatentlyApple reported yesterday, Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac users will soon be able to get the right 150 watch free movies, 200 TV programs on United Airlines aircraft.
United iOS client

Want to get the benefits you need to update the iOS version of the United APP, learned that users need to upgrade to in order to enjoy the service iOS7 post. The service currently supports only Apple devices, is still unknown whether the use of the Android terminal.

Entertainment services in the first part of the flight will be launched, then may be extended to more flights.

United Airlines said, "Most flights will soon be equipped with new systems before the end of 2014 the new system will be installed on most domestic flights and we will Airbus A319, A320, Boeing 747-400 and section Boeing 777-200 flight began, after installing the new system in other models of the flight. "
United Airlines was not the only one on the plane going to launch entertainment services. Lufthansa also plans to launch video-on service concept through BoardConnect entertainment system can support Android, iOS and WindowsPhone multiple platforms. Southwest Airlines has also recently launched a similar service a WiFi-based entertainment, but in order to enjoy the need to pay.