iPad Pro New rumors have split-screen display function summary

Although Cook denied, but the real sales data,, iPad product line really began to decline. Perhaps it is because the tablet market is saturated, low-end Android tablet may be subject to erosion, because undoubtedly complex. So, what can Apple do? Perhaps a bigger iPad, which is rumored iPad Pro.
Clearly, in addition to 7.9 inches of iPad Mini, 9.7-inch iPad Air, a larger screen, more high-end positioning of the iPad Pro sounds is also a good idea, but as usual, Apple has remained completely denied it. However, according to some new information and clues, we believe iPad Pro is not impossible, just like the original iPad Mini, iPhone upcoming big screen as only the time is ripe. Below, a look at the latest news on the iPad Pro.
Design and Screen: Larger screen sizes or with 4K

Early news that, iPad Pro will use 12.9 inches large screen; while AppleInsider latest reports, analysts believe the screen size will be 11.6 inches, consistent with the low with Macbook Air. Obviously, a larger screen means that the screen resolution is improved, in addition to 2K resolution, Apple may also launch high-end version with 4K resolution (4096 * 3072 pixels).
Operation: or with a keyboard and stylus

According to former Apple employee Jamie Ryan revealed, iPad keyboard housing projects do exist, in the form similar to Microsoft Surface keyboard cover similar. In addition, according to Apple's previous patent, Apple really intends to launch a product for the iPad Smart keyboard input to achieve better physical effects.
In addition to the keyboard, another Apple patent shows the details of the stylus, the details include a laser pointer, image scanning and other features, you can feel better writing and better operating experience, may become another selling point for the large size of iPad.
System: iOS 8 or displayed on the same screen with dual applications

Latest reports, iOS 8 may add some new dual-screen display application features to meet user multitasking operating needs. In fact, Apple's rival Samsung has 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro to achieve the same screen display features four applications, to a certain extent, had an impact on the iPad, so some improvements from the system level is essential.
In addition, rumors that Apple's eye-tracking technology showed a keen interest intends to acquire uMoove other related start-up companies, with eye-tracking feature on the iPhone 6 and iPad Pro, to achieve a more convenient operation experience.
Hardware configuration: more powerful A8 processor
There is no doubt that Apple will launch a more powerful A8 processor this year, still using the 64-bit architecture, with enhanced performance, provide even better performance for the office iPad Pro.
Published: 2014 year-end or early 2015
Including the International Business Times, Computer World and other mainstream media are on the iPad Pro release time for speculation, mainly in late 2014 to early 2015. The famous analyst Kuo Ming-Chi KGI believes that Apple will not release iPad Pro in the year 2014, the earliest in 2015. This news has been DigitTimes recognition, reports claimed that due to the eco-system is not perfect, Apple iPad Pro shelve the plan.
Seem, iPad Pro is still a bit confusing at, but I think after the WWDC 2014 and the iPhone 6 release, we will see more information, please also pay attention to our latest reports in a timely manner.

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