iPhone6 Display Aspect lot

Apple also recently obtained a patent, the patented technology allows the user to detect the intensity of touch on the display device used. This patent uses a called frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) techniques and the touch sensor to determine the current intensity applied to the display.
Multi-touch FTIR alternative is essentially a test. FTIR uses infrared light reflected back to determine the display case. If there is no interference, infrared light can be completed by screen reflection; If interference occurs (such as a finger on the display), the sensor will identify this touch operation to determine the location from which the display.
Interference and touched by comparing FTIR data, the technology Apple users can determine a force exerted on the display. Previously, Apple tried to estimate the intensity of their mobile devices by acceleration sensor. For example, Apple's GarageBand application which will use the acceleration sensor, the user can determine the intensity of a key on the virtual keyboard applied to adjust the volume accordingly.

This technology can be implemented in addition to "click" and "as more expressive than the makeup touch input. The patent filing in 2012, he will be able to become a new attraction iPhone6​​.

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