iPhone 5S understand your "core": M7 coprocessor Analysis

In addition to the fingerprint identification, 64 of the A7 processor, Apple also introduced such a chip conference: M7 coprocessor. The main role of this chip, that is dedicated to monitoring the dynamic data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and other sensors, reducing CPU load, thereby extending battery life. And after the conference, Apple announced more information this M7, in addition to power, in fact, it more competent job.

With the development of smart phones, mobile phones integrate more and more sensors. If the data obtained from these sensors are to the CPU to operate, it will certainly greatly increase the load on the CPU, because these data are interactive dynamic between the CPU will certainly be very frequent, so since the power consumption will be very obvious. If a chip is designed specifically to do this job, one can liberate CPU, on the other hand can improve efficiency, but also greatly saving. Thus, M7 appeared.
Of course, Apple is certainly not the first to add specialized management sensor chip manufacturers. There is a precedent in the Android camp, such as Galaxy S4, Note 2, etc., but their different names: Sensor Hub. The principle is as much a collection of sensors will work on a co-processor chip, but not before pulling out a separate major publicity. It can be said that Apple is more clever in this regard, in the case of small innovative iPhone 5S, such a selling point for the product can add a lot of color, but also took a lot easier to remember names.
In fact, Moto X brings X8 processor systems also have the same purpose, X8 computing systems by the 1.7GHz dual-core Qualcomm Xiao S4 Pro processor, quad-core Adreno 320 GPU and two in charge of language interpretation (using Google Now, while no effect on cause too much stress life), and the correlation calculation (Management sensor) composed of Motorola processors, of which the sensor manager and the effect is similar to M7.
Apple has not announced for the iPhone 5S M7 in the end how much power can the province, but the latter's official life perspective, 1570mAh battery capacity can call 10 hours to provide 3G, LTE / Wi-Fi Internet 10 hours, 3G Internet 8 hours, 10 hours of video playback, the music playback 40 hours, standby 250 hours (both max). Is not look good?
In addition to saving to reduce the CPU load plus outside, M7 coprocessor can be applied as a fitness class offers a variety of API, so that by opening up more easily develop application software. These scenarios such as the following: When you're walking, running, driving time, M7 can be detected by the sensor your environment, such as you walk down from the car, M7 can be recalculated on the current path, and out through the application of feedback; as another example, when you sleep longer use the phone (without shutdown under), M7 signal can be sent to the CPU, lowering its frequency, and reduce network signal detection, in order to extend battery life.
Future, M7 coprocessor can do more. It is reported that Apple is testing a new map application, when users stop, M7 can detect and automatically record the location of the car, when the user returns, iPhone through the map to help users find the location of the car. And this is just one instance.
For current mobile phones, smart is no longer stronger hardware configuration, but the perception and more processing power, which is the future development trend of smart phones.

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