IPhone 6 exposure: again or use the embedded touch-screen technology

Recently, according to the supply chain, according to apple to consider in the next iPhone applications on embedded touch-screen technology. It has cooperation with Taiwan group, the group of the development of Touch On the Display outside embedded type (On - Cell) Touch panel sample, has landed authentication.
According to the supply chain, embedded touch panel (In - Cell), the interference will be apple iPhone 5 touch sensitivity have also been affected. So apple may want to consider in the next iPhone outside using embedded touch panel.
iPhone 6 or outside using embedded type touch panel
Relevant personage analysis, embedded touch panel compared to the embedded technical problems easier to overcome. Embedded within the TFT LCD TFT touch sensor, and outside embedded on the back of color filter. Application embedded touch panel not only make the screen more accurate response rapidly, at the same time also can better restore image color and saturation. More frivolous, and embedded touch panel production cost will reduce accordingly.
embedded touch-screen technology
Have been rumors that apple will work in group of gen before producing the iPhone 6, if apple decides to application of TOD (Touch On the Display) embedded Touch panel, will no doubt make the next iPhone has more smooth Touch experience.

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