Cool Future Wind: with handle iPhone 6 Concept Design

iPhone 6 concept design again. Designers Sahanan Yagarasa today announced he envisioned for the future iPhone concept works. Before we see the concept and design is different, this time for the iPhone name Yagarasa 6 adds a "Pro" in the name, display its "superior" professional level. Judging from the description published, Yagarasa anticipated iPhone 6 Pro is indeed worthy of its title.

Apple A8 equipped with self-developed chips, iOS 8 operating system, 16-megapixel rear camera and 3MP FaceTime camera, sensors monitor heart rate, etc. This is iPhone 6 Pro some of the main parameters and specifications. In addition, iPhone Pro also with a very magical gamepad. Although the market has a variety of compatible gamepad iOS 7, but, and this one we see today is simply weak compared to burst.
After embedding handle the iPhone, users can play games through the projector mode, this feature will be the main selling point of the iPhone Pro. If this can become a reality, a large number of games will surely shout enjoyable. Previously, we have seen a similar projection concept design, but Yagarasa projection technology and will be combined with the idea of ​​pairing the handle, then the perfect solution before the designers did not take into account the battery problem. What do you think?

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