Taking a concept iPhone 6 exposure to handwritten character recognition

It is reported that the Ministry had previously publicly iPhone concept too animated video site Set Solution, and recently announced a iPhone6 ​​concept of animation. Movie, iPhone6 ​​the Home key into message notification center and equipped with a holographic perspective because the imaging capabilities, Taking a handwritten character recognition function and film projection display features the same exciting.

It is understood, Set Solution website recently announced the concept of animated film called "iPhone6 ​​The Dream", the movie iPhone6 ​​equipped with a holographic projector function perspective. The public's movie called "iPhone6 ​​The Future", is on a sequel.
iPhone5s equipped with fingerprint authentication function of the Home button, iPhone6 ​​embedded in a small screen, becomes a function of message notification center. Through the screen prompts and reminders LED flashes to inform the user of missed calls and e-mail messages.
Using holographic imaging capabilities perspective, you can watch movies projected. Thus, not only can use their most comfortable position for watching movies, a few people watching movies OK.
New features introduced in this concept of animation, though full of designers abstract whimsy, but if in the future there is a possibility to achieve, as long as the use of these functions is the thought of a very happy thing. These are designers from around the world in "as long as Apple, it is possible to" create such a strong desire to stimulate the production of wonderful thought. Perhaps this is one of Apple's products charm.

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