Enlarge application icon iPhone6 run iOS7 exposure

Have the news that apple iPhone6 have two versions 4.7 inches and 5.44 inches, recently has been about 4.7 inch version iPhone6 news exposure. So, increase screen after the system interface will be become what kind of state? Now foreign media through the simulator shows us running version 4.7 -inch iPhone6 iOS7 what would be like.

You can see that the foreign media use as a 4.7 -inch Moto X embodiment a change, become the 4.7 inch version "iPhone6" and compares the beside iPhone5s iOS7 operation interface, of course, this is achieved through the simulator, rather than the real iPhone6. But we can find that, the interface of version 4.7 -inch iPhone6 presents application icon is magnified, of course, this also is only the conjecture of foreign media.
According to the previous message, version 4.7 -inch iPhone6 screen resolution of 1704 * 940 pixels, but this is 1136 * 640 pixels in current iPhone5s compared to the amplifier, and due to its 4.7 -inch isn't enough to more than the original one icon in the space, so the appropriate enlarge application icon (or add icon spacing, etc.) are very likely option.

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