iPhone 6 running iOS 8 screenshots screen indeed greater exposure

Apple will launch in the third quarter of this year a new iPhone 6, but before WWDC conference will debut on iOS 8. For fruit powder, iPhone 6 and iOS 8 do not have to wait that long. Yesterday, an iPhone 6 8 system running iOS screenshot exposure from 5X7 icon arrangement is not difficult to see that the next generation iPhone 6 screen is indeed greater.

Weibo users zmeric exposure system a screenshot iPhone 6, the resolution of this screenshot 1600x966, 16:9 ratio of not, if the screen size is 4.7 inches, it will be close to its pixel density 400ppi, far more than the standard 300ppi retina a.

Greater size and resolution, making the iPhone 6 significantly increased the number of charts, there is increased iPhone 5S's 4X6 5X7. These icons, many of us have never seen before, such as Healthbook, Watch Utility, etc. These may be things in June's WWDC, Apple will introduce our emphasis.

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