Samsung GALAXY S5 chip Secret dismantling report released

Samsung GALAXY S5 coming in the Global Offering, and how this new machine in the end there is a change in the internal structure than in the past, especially in the new fingerprinting and heart rate sensor and other functions, in the end what is special about a topic of concern to everyone . Recently, foreign professional website ChipWorks first to release the Samsung GALAXY S5 dismantling reports, and for us the machine each chip Secret information.
Core chip from Qualcomm
The dismantling of the Samsung GALAXY S5 ChipWorks Korea version SM-G900S, identical to other versions in the overall hardware specifications, but differ in the network. At the same time people are more familiar with the site iFixit disassembled different, ChipWorks more concerned with the analysis of microscopic observation chip inside the phone, so the show's content is also important to focus on the parts of the chip, and rarely involves the process of dismantling and maintenance.
According to information released ChipWorks display Samsung GALAXY S5 internal use have six large number of chips from Qualcomm, and are part of the core. Among them, most people are concerned about the processor, the machine is equipped with a 801 2.4GHz Xiaolong (MSM8974AC) processors are packaged under the memory chips, can be clearly seen in the dismantling chip models. In addition, Qualcomm Samsung GALAXY S5 also provides power management unit; packet tracing PA; radio receivers; RF transceiver and audio encoder chip. As for the phone memory and flash memory is Samsung's own K3QF2F0DA 2GB of memory and Samsung KLMBG4GEAC 32GB flash memory.

Biometric Sensor
As different approaches sensor Samsung GALAXY S5 new fingerprint recognition allegedly used from Maxim, but with iPhone 5S will be placed on the Home key fingerprint sensor, the Samsung is divided into two parts, although the fingerprint sensor is also mounted on the Home key years, but also to accept the input of the touch screen, you need to use to load the user's fingerprint ID. The course of its work is part of the touch screen can detect finger waving, and then start the Home button in the sensor-related recognition.
In addition, other exposure chips or display aircraft is equipped with Invensense MP65M P02881 L1405 six-axis gyroscope / accelerometer, and has NXP 47803 NFC chip and a security module, the same time as a Korean version of the reason, it is also built FCI FC8080 terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting tuner, which allows mobile phones to receive digital TV programs. In addition to using the power amplifier from Anwar, outside multimode, multiband power amplifier and acoustic resonator cavity, such as thin-film chips, the machine in order to obtain better sound quality is also loaded with Audience ADNC ES704 independent audio processor.

Previous Samsung GALAXY S series camera is Sony sensors are used, but this is the first time the GALAXY S5 uses its own 16 million pixel 1/2.6 "in ISOCELL CMOS sensor, known as the interference can be reduced by 30 percent, increased by 30 percent per the amount of light absorbed by the pixels, and is considered to be substituted Samsung back-illuminated (BSI) of the next sensor technology.
Notably, in the next Samsung GALAXY S5 with the LED flash is added next to the heart rate monitor, the main principle is the use of red light, infrared light irradiation your finger, the finger surface and the pulse beat detection caused by pressure change to get the user's heart rate data.

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