The most likely iPhone6 concept map thickness of only 6 mm

iPhone concept design Figure 6 we did not watch less, but there are few more reliable design, most of them belong to the fanciful conjecture. iPhone 6 is getting closer to us, the designers have also started to design more targeted have introduced the concept of the product. Today, this is probably going to lose the most reliable, the closest Apple's iPhone 6 design concept rendering crashed.
Conceptual design studio SET Solutions latest iPhone 6 concept design into the iPhone 5c and iPod nano design features. This figure is equipped with 4.7 inches concept 1920x1080 screen, the screen uses a sapphire glass, no frame design. Using 20nm process Quad-Core A8 64-bit processor, dual speakers, 10 million pixel camera. Size is 132.7x65.2x6.0 mm.
iPhone 6 concept renderings
iPhone 6 concept renderings

iPhone 6 concept renderings

Currently, the online messages are called iPhone 6 will have two size versions, including 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, on 8-9 March release.


1/3 of iPhone users are willing to spend more money to buy a big-screen iPhone

The latest news, market analysis agency's Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt said today in a report, in 2014 the share of Apple's smart phone in the United States will still maintain a lead. Because the survey found that for the next generation of iPhone users are still very interested. According to survey data released by McCourt, nearly half (49.7%) of smartphone users said they would choose the next iPhone as a mobile phone.

If you narrow the scope of the investigation to the iPhone user base, it is 52.3% of users said their next phone will still be iPhone. It is understood, McCourt's investigation also involves a large-screen iPhone, of which 1/3 of iPhone users said they are willing to spend $ 100 to buy. During the same period last year, when McCourt conducting the same survey, only 26% of iPhone users are willing to spend more money to buy big-screen iPhone.

Whether this year's iPhone 6 will be equipped with a larger screen size, the field is one of the hottest consumer electronics topics. In recent months, we have seen the rumors about the iPhone basically contains the "big screen" this one keyword. A few days ago, a suspected iPhone 6 protective cover photo in Japan exposure, it is for the big screen iPhone rumors increased credibility.


Taking a concept iPhone 6 exposure to handwritten character recognition

It is reported that the Ministry had previously publicly iPhone concept too animated video site Set Solution, and recently announced a iPhone6 ​​concept of animation. Movie, iPhone6 ​​the Home key into message notification center and equipped with a holographic perspective because the imaging capabilities, Taking a handwritten character recognition function and film projection display features the same exciting.

It is understood, Set Solution website recently announced the concept of animated film called "iPhone6 ​​The Dream", the movie iPhone6 ​​equipped with a holographic projector function perspective. The public's movie called "iPhone6 ​​The Future", is on a sequel.
iPhone5s equipped with fingerprint authentication function of the Home button, iPhone6 ​​embedded in a small screen, becomes a function of message notification center. Through the screen prompts and reminders LED flashes to inform the user of missed calls and e-mail messages.
Using holographic imaging capabilities perspective, you can watch movies projected. Thus, not only can use their most comfortable position for watching movies, a few people watching movies OK.
New features introduced in this concept of animation, though full of designers abstract whimsy, but if in the future there is a possibility to achieve, as long as the use of these functions is the thought of a very happy thing. These are designers from around the world in "as long as Apple, it is possible to" create such a strong desire to stimulate the production of wonderful thought. Perhaps this is one of Apple's products charm.


Apple's new patent-backed room positioning

Qiazhiyisuan, Siri launched almost two years now, Apple's Siri is always the attitude of some unhurried, competitors had caught up with the pace of Siri.

On Tuesday, Apple's new patent related to Siri completed submission. According to the patent document was described, Siri sensor applications will be able to help trace the owner of a house in which to place the room, suggesting that the location information related tasks through smart, intelligent role as stewards, Siri functionality is expected to be once again leap.

With room positioning technology, Siri will achieve anything interesting functions? Everyday life, we often encounter a situation, but forgot to go to a place to do something original. Reminder For example, when you go in front of the TV when, Siri will remind you to watch your favorite shows. When the meal back to the bedroom, Siri will remind you: the medicine of.
Compared to traditional time and alert, alert is more flexible positioning room, compared with the conventional location tracking service will be refined to the level determined location of the room, to improve the accuracy. Of course, the most important time to remind the room location information based on the information generated by the past "active" set a reminder to change into a passive way: In the past, we need to roar against the phone saying, "Now look what TV shows . "Today, Siri will take the initiative to care about you: "Do you now come to the front of the TV, XX program is not want to see it?."


iPhone6 rumors: only 5.58 mm thick clocked at 2.6GHz

According to media speculated iPhone 6 also expected over six months to be officially unveiled, some posts on Twitter have disclosed this latest version of the iPhone may have specifications, including processor speed of the device, the display details and fuselage thickness. The source has been provided, including pictures, including a variety of Apple devices unpublished details Dixon (Sonny Dickson) said, iPhone 6 will be very thin, and the processor faster than the previous generation iPhone.

According to Dixon revealed on Twitter, iPhone 6 is just 0.22 inches thickness (equivalent to approximately 5.58 mm), is also equipped with a pixel density of 389ppi of Ultra-Retina screen. Dixon said, iPhone 6 will use the A8 processor clocked at up to 2.6GHz.
"These may be the real machine specifications." Dixon also said this. But he did not specify his sources, there is no longer disclose other details of the iPhone 6.
According to reports, 389ppi iPhone 6 screen size of 4.7 inches (1920 * 1080) resolution between HD 720p (1280 * 720) to full HD 1080p. Apple had previously accurately provide some relevant news sources claimed that, iPhone 6 design inspiration from the iPhone 5c and seventh-generation iPod nano, and said the new iPhone may only 7 mm thick.

In comparison, iPhone 5s screen 4 inches, with a resolution of 1136 * 640 pixel density 326ppi, A7 processor equipped with 1.4GHz frequency and M7 motion co-processor.

And more than rumors iPhone 6 specifications up, display and processing speed iPhone 5s significantly worse part of it aside, only the thickness of the body of view, iPhone 5s of 0.30 inches (7.6 mm) is already quite thin, and if iPhone 6 really only 0.22 inches, even 6 mm not to.


U.S. Apple user benefits: free viewing on airplanes

Apple users have to get a new privilege. According to the website PatentlyApple reported yesterday, Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac users will soon be able to get the right 150 watch free movies, 200 TV programs on United Airlines aircraft.
United iOS client

Want to get the benefits you need to update the iOS version of the United APP, learned that users need to upgrade to in order to enjoy the service iOS7 post. The service currently supports only Apple devices, is still unknown whether the use of the Android terminal.

Entertainment services in the first part of the flight will be launched, then may be extended to more flights.

United Airlines said, "Most flights will soon be equipped with new systems before the end of 2014 the new system will be installed on most domestic flights and we will Airbus A319, A320, Boeing 747-400 and section Boeing 777-200 flight began, after installing the new system in other models of the flight. "
United Airlines was not the only one on the plane going to launch entertainment services. Lufthansa also plans to launch video-on service concept through BoardConnect entertainment system can support Android, iOS and WindowsPhone multiple platforms. Southwest Airlines has also recently launched a similar service a WiFi-based entertainment, but in order to enjoy the need to pay.


Apple no precursor to modify Return Policy: 30 days to 14 days

It was observed that the Apple iPhone is expected to officially change the return policy on Thursday, from 30 days before the changes to 14 days.

In Apple's official website, we can observe the relevant changes have been presented on its website. The new 14-day return policy applies equally to other Apple products. An Apple internal document said this change will be on all Apple products globally applicable, and sell iPhone carrier also apply. We can see that before the return policy is 30 days, and now Apple has become America's official website for 14 days, in line with the official website of China's policy.

The returned product must also comply with Apple's requirements, return the iPhone / iPad must have the original packaging, which contains all the accessories, manuals and instructions.

Apple have had no reason to respond to this policy change, nor make an announcement on the official website prominently. For this decision, I believe that many Apple fans will feel puzzled. It is understood that Apple's return policy before the iPhone and carrier partners are not consistent, operators usually provide only 14 days no reason to return. Apple's move may be to make policy coherence, avoid consumer misunderstanding.


Apple iWatch new concept diagram Appreciation

Latest news, Argentina design students recently created a set of very avant-garde fashion iWatch concept map, the main round button-shaped compact and lightweight, can transform a variety of forms, and also has a 1.4 inches screen with three defenses.
Apple iWatch

Argentina, a design student recently designed a set iWatch concept map, its design and wearable devices Misfit Shine is very similar. The subject is a button-shaped discs, the entire device surface is smooth, no buttons no interface, it can reach IP68 waterproof and dustproof grade, which means you can wear it to swim, shower is not an issue.
Since the theme is just round button-shaped design, so the strap through the matching of different combinations of different forms. Shine like the plastic equipment such as wristbands or small hanging buckle accessories, worse still you can tie the necklace as a fashion jewelry is also no problem.
The draft design iWatch though small, but fully functional, comes with a 1.4 inches front display screen. The low-power devices via Bluetooth and WiFi connected to the device, supports iPhone, iPad, Mac interactive applications, data, photos, music and maps. At the same time, this also pre-iWatch 1.2 million pixel camera, support for 720p video recording, built-M7 A6 processor and coprocessor with two 8GB and 16GB capacity versions.
The reason is not equipped with speakers, the designer is given to the special nature of the watch, it is almost always worn on the wrist, if there is an incoming call or message does not require a large volume of voice prompts, just the way the use of vibration can be more effectively alert the user, and will also enhance the power consumption.


Google Nexus 6 will be a lightweight version of the LG G3

Sundar Pichai Android, president of Google in the last week MWC2014 talked about the details of the next generation of Nexus phones. He revealed that the next generation of Nexus phone will be available in the second half of this year. According to the latest news, Nexus 6 phone by LG will continue to be responsible for the production, and the shape and configuration of the phone G3 similar.
Because Pichai did not mention the name of the new equipment, we may venture to guess that this phone will most likely be called the Nexus 6. The remaining question is simple: Who will be the Nexus manufacturer 6? Last week there was news that the association will be responsible for the production of Nexus, however, a German media recently denied this possibility. According to the Web site reported that they learned from a news source, the new generation of Nexus will be the LG G3's "light version" and will be released in June. According to previous rumors, LG G3 stresses using a Quad HD (1440 × 2560) resolution screen, and equipped with 64-bit processors and 16 million pixel camera, positioning is still a "benchmark for the new generation of Android phones."

As we all know, LG is a manufacturer of Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, the former LG Optimus G-based R & D, the latter based on LG G2 from, and therefore the possibility of South Korea's LG continue to play the son of the manufacturer's pro-series phones is much higher than Google other vendors.

iPhone Case level of God appeared dangerous environment can help

Recently, a specially designed for the iPhone will help users help themselves in a dangerous environment Lifesaver protective sleeve exposed. When the user is in a dangerous environment, it can be manually activated protective sleeve side raised buttons, which is connected to the Enhanced 911 emergency system, while the user's personally identifiable information, current location and other important data to the experts in order to in which the user can accurately locate the position.
iPhone Case level of God appeared dangerous environment can help
Even more amazing is that it will automatically activate the microphone and camera, in order to facilitate the experts on the user's current geographical location, etc. Learn more about the situation, so as to formulate a comprehensive plan of salvation. However, users do not have to worry about being the attackers found because this series of actions will be very careful to run in the background.
A variety of optional colors
 I believe that all users will find the price of this protective cover certain expensive, it is true, it is learned, was added after the official selling price of its $ 99, the official release date is expected to be at this year's August.


iPhone 5S battery deplete after can still track the user dynamic

Recently Glarznak Reddit members in a post revealed a very terrible thing, even if the battery has run out of equipment in the shutdown state can still track the users of the iPhone 5S. On Monday night to release the post he has recently been on a business trip in the process of charging line the destruction, but he is not in the local purchase cable will have the iPhone without electricity in the package for travel for four days. In later he returned home to recharge after phone should find third-party fitness application under the complete record of the four days of this trip.

Users post described how a few days ago, his recent travel abroad, mobile phone data line is broken, the iPhone 5S power thoroughly exhausted and automatically shut down. He has been to use Argus application (a health tracking application) statistical habit of his mobile number, because the application based on the iPhone built-in M7 chip. His return at the end of the trip, he to recharge your iPhone 5S and surprised to find that Argus application can complete record in the case of mobile phone battery is he these days mobile pace, also means that iPhone coprocessor M7 movement in can still function properly without electricity.
Apple cable stopped working so 5S is in a state of completely without power. After I often use Argus to track my steps, but when I got home I found a surprising thing that the iPhone is the Argus still shows me this four days completely without electricity conditions steps of travel. This is so unbelievable, and even made me feel a little scared. "
As we all know, the iPhone 5s equipped with M7 chip consumes minimal power requirements, and low battery automatically shut down when the iPhone remained little battery power is also a fundamental sense, because it requires a reminder for low-power/recharge display.
Users LakeSolon pointed out in reply, M7 as a single chip, the data processing carried out by him without waking the CPU to reduce battery consumption, this feature is in fact iPhone 5s conference speech already explained clearly. But it is not clear that the phone refused to boot after you if it can still continue to work, considering the iPhone because it still can not boot to display images "out of battery", which for low-power features still need to run normally situation should be a perfectly reasonable design.
Apple did not explicitly pointed out that the function can still can continue to run after equipment shutdown. Therefore, the real question becomes "under the condition of boot or shutdown, the user how to ensure the M7 can track their movement" come to a complete stop. After all, some people know their mobile phone in the case of without permission has been tracking individual whereabouts, may make them feel uneasy.


The New Screen Coating Can Automatically Repair The Apple Patent

iPhone is indeed well-made, but fragile screen allows most people choose to "foil travel", now Apple a new technology will help to change this situation. United States Patent and Trademark Office recently released a new Apple patent application, entitled "System and Method to prevent distortion of the light guide plate scratches." Apple's use of the invention in detail the self-healing Teflon coating to protect the screen the possibility of the surface, and thus avoid Apple devices and Mac screen showing distortion, you can understand it as a kind of afraid of scraping, screen coating can self-repair.

This technology looks and LG announced last October have LG G Flex technology is very similar. LG may be used for coating the device claimed in any one place, and the coating and allow it to flow into the inside of the screen can scratch scratches disappear. According to the patent documents show that this coating can achieve the thinnest 50 nm.
LG G Flex
In the patent description, Apple will this technology and Japan Natoco self-repair techniques were compared. Natoco coating is a polymer alloy, and its mode of action is different apple coating - this coating was very smooth surface it is difficult to cause scratches in the above, and also the use of the internal structure of the coating chemical produced a spring bed effect.

Apple already fragile devices because the iPhone screen and brittle been a lot of criticism. In November last year, there was news that the iPhone 6 screen will be produced using a sapphire glass, after which Apple has publicly announced that it will establish a sapphire glass plant in Arizona.
iPhone 5S
Apple has long used the sapphire glass on its latest iPhone 5s Touch ID fingerprint scanner, in order to protect the camera, Apple is also used in the camera at the super material. Sapphire glass is generally used for professional monitor screen, because it is not only thin and wear, and not prone to scratches. From the current point of view, sapphire glass Gorilla Glass likely will replace the majority position in the high-end smartphone market.