Wallet charger: make the iPhone for a second wallet artifact

People out of the most indispensable generally includes three items key, mobile phone and purse, although big purse can put these things together, but the function is not perfect. Recently appeared a multi-functional wallet, however, provide more convenience for people.

Everpurse Mini wallet is a fully functional, it is also a small portable charging treasure. Everpurse Mini provides wallet common storage function, can be placed in cash and all kinds of credit CARDS, etc. However, its biggest bright spot is the wallet outside for smartphones have set up a special plug-in area.
In that case, Everpurse Mini no matter from the appearance and function, than any on the market a wallet, mobile phone cases or charging treasure is more outstanding, because it has the function of the collection of the above three items in one body. People only need to advance to Everpurse Mini charge can worries too much. It is understood that the wallet up for the mobile phone charge three times, can basically meet the needs of users a day. It is understood that Everpurse Mini now for the iPhone only 5/5 s two charging device, the design of other platforms equipment is still in test phase.

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